Belated Happy Easter?

I'm so neglectful of my livejournal, it's really sad. I say this has to do with our RaiRo obsession and the fact that we've become like, hermits and spend most of our time in the office playing. To think just a few weeks ago I was ready to quit Rai again, but things have been going so well with the guild and stuffs I'm reinvigorated to the point of farming, working at capping Aana and Morg and getting ready to trans my dancer. Saturday night's WoE was probably the funnest I've had in a while (I'm sure a good chunk of that had to do with spending a lotta time defending Reph and sitting preemp bullshitting with Lion, Ashes and Sinister Monk). I e-called at one point when Mint was kicking our ass and 14 people popped through that warp and I almost cried happy tears. XD WoG represent...I don't know if its a happy day or a sad day when we're repping more people in the WoE party than GS/LN combined.

Spent some time last week chit-chatting with Greg. Haven't talked to him in an age. He's addicted to WoW, so no luck convincing him to join us on the dark side and roll up a class we need. I should really like, get off my ass and call Jay and Bob and see how they're doing. I miss my bros! I never even called my family yesterday, I'm like a bad daughter or something. I spent most of the day nomming the candy out of my easter basket and floating between the kitchen getting stuff ready for our Easter dinner (carbtastic!) and playing Rai/IMing with Strago while he worked on a paper for class.

At least the weather is getting warmer, maybe we'll be less anti-social once summer hits. Last summer was full of days spent outside with cold beer, the grills going, campfires at night and our neighbors, who are the bomb. I just can't wait, really. I want to go camping for reals, and spend some days at the lake or beach. At some point this summer my folks want to come up to visit, which is exciting. They've never been to New England. I've been pondering all the things I want to show them/places to take them. I know at least one trip to Boston is in order and it's not like it's a long drive...used to do it every day for work. We really need to get down to KY and see Ben's family too, he's homesick and I don't blame him. KY is so beautiful and it feels like home. I'll be glad to get back down there and visit. And hell maybe we'll stop by and see Rid while we're there, he's only like 2 hours from Ben's family farm. We're trying to convince Strago to come up for a visit, he just might. We're not that far apart at all. Skie lives less than an hour away when he's home from school, maybe we should try to hook up for dinner or something once he's home. (Geesh, always comes back to Rai)

Sharon's moving soon. It makes me sad, but I'm happy for her. She's totally in love and I'm sure she'll love living in Cali. It's not like we won't see her from time to time. Maybe a flight out there is in order sometime next year? I've only been as far west as Colorado, so that would be awesome!

Quite honestly, it's time to stop being lazy and start saving up for a wedding. I'm still of the opinion we go to Jamaica for a week at an all-inclusive and get married there, then have a party when we get home. Ben wants a "real" wedding with our families there. At this point I'd be happy with a JP in an alley. I mean, we've been living together with joint everything for over four years now. Would anyone really be shocked to find out we'd tied the knot? Nope, not really. We honestly considered doing it right before New Years just to file jointly on our taxes for the tax breaks. So who knows, maybe I'll come here and post some day soon that yeah, we did the deed and it's all official now. ;)
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The Plague

It's descended on our house and my place of work apparently. Last Friday I was feeling pretty darn horrible. I drug myself out of bed and said to myself I'd go in for about an hour or so, just long enough to get some pressing things done. Then I look outside and realize I had to clear snow off my truck and said forget it and went back to bed. I spent most of the day drifting between playing an hour of Rai here or there and napping on the couch having crazy fever dreams. I remember a few of them vaguely, mostly bits and pieces. Some of the highlights being:

- Tanking Valkyrie's with the baby and yelling for faster swall spam.
- Continuously mobbing Niff without anything dropping, at all.
- Pushing Theroff off his peco and going to ride away with him running after me yelling "That's my peco!" and me yelling back "You don't deserve her! She's not a peco peco, she's a chocobo!!"
- And a really strange one with lots of people in it, mainly Aana, Lomi, Lion, Vodi, Seil, Strago and Dorlan sitting in a circle staring at each other while Driftwood ran around yelling "you're full of shit" killing Dracula in east Pront.

I blame playing Rai between naps. But I'd wake up with a headache and know if I went back to sleep it would be much worse. Plus daytime TV really kinda sucks. After watching GMA & Ellen there wasn't much else aside from flipping through FoodNetwork. I lucked out with some What Not to Wear on TLC and a few episodes of A Haunting on Discovery and that's about it. I see Cartoon Network is still running marathon sessions of Johnny Test during the day...bring back The Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy g'damnit!

Now Ben's sick as hell. He stayed home yesterday and had crazy fever dreams too. This morning I couldn't help but laugh when he was flailing around dreaming and I was trying to wake him up to see if he'd make it to work. He fell out of bed and made this strange moan/grunt noise that had me laughing. He crawled his way back in saying "yeah, laugh it up." Turns out he was dreaming about black bears that could (surprisingly) talk, and they were having a conversation. I thought he was dreaming about ManBearPig or something by the noise he made. XD

Kate was out sick yesterday and Anne's out sick today. The big boss thanked Kate and I and we said it was Anne's fault...she started coughing first. I think he's going to follow us around the office all day with a can of Lysol. Everytime I have a hacking cough that sounds like a lung is coming up he pokes his head in my office an makes an O.o face.

I seriously need to clean the house tonight and tackle Mount Laundry. I think I'll make Zuppa Toscana soup for dinner, I need to stop for chicken broth though. How the hell we ran out of chicken broth is beyond me, I'm like a squirrel stock-piling nuts when it comes to keeping the pantry full. We're out of roaster chickens in the freezer too, grah! Not that it would help much with stock today. I think I'm still confused from being sick, that's my excuse anyway!

Oh yes, there's a dairy that sells raw milk, cheese & farm fresh eggs that's on Ben's way to work! How exciting...I need to slip him some cash and tell him to stop on the way home sometime. Ok well first I need to be nosey and check it out. I miss real farm eggs! We brought two dozen home along with a ton of produce when we went down to visit my folks this summer. My mom's taken to buying produce from the really nice Mennonite couple who have a farm down the mountain. Not sure where she's getting her eggs from with the family uproar and all, but they were darn good...yolks so yellow they were almost orange, and out of two dozen I had 3 double-yolk eggs. That's a baker's dream! I kind of want to look into a CSA share for this season but they're sooo expensive and I'm honestly not sure we'd use all the vegetables we'd get especially since we want to expand the garden this year. I'm hoping for a better crop of tomatoes. With all the rain last year the few heirlooms that we got were too precious to eat any way but raw, so I didn't get a chance to can any. The cucumbers died off on the vine from being water-logged. It left all my canning plans in ruin. Blech.
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White House: Now Under New Management


Ok so there are people actually believe that President Obama was elected because the masses were manipulated into voting for him? Wow! That's kinda "put on mah tin foil hatz so the gov'ment can't put stuff in mah brainz" crazy, isn't it? Well then again these people also probably thought Sarah Palin was the epitome of feminism, so yeah...woohoo whack-a-doodle!!

I mean seriously. Obama won, McCain lost. Ummm...stop being a sore loser and get over it?

Sorry, I about laughed myself to tears of this one. Yowza.